Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Global Supply LLC provides a variety of in-house mechanical and thermal engineering services including Screw Machining, Die Cutting, Kiss Cutting and our newest offering, Plastic Injection Molding.

Our experienced team is enthusiastic about providing pricing estimations for custom-made, unique items, products that adhere to specific blueprints and designs, as well as for modifications to our standard product range. Our knowledgeable staff welcomes the opportunity to quote on specials, made-to-print and modified standard products.

Die Cutting

The Tek-Sil® family of thermal materials is constantly evolving and expanding as innovative and enhanced products are being developed. Die Cutting, a technique that involves cutting materials into specific shapes or designs, is accomplished using sharp steel ruled stamps or rollers. Each one of our thermal materials can be die cut into a wide variety of standard configurations, as well as tailored to custom specifications to better suit the diverse needs and preferences of our valued customers.

Please see the materials listed under each type of Tek-Sil® product for material specific standard configurations.

Kiss Cutting

Kiss Cutting of thermal materials is also available. Kiss Cutting is the process of lightly cutting materials through, while leaving the backing intact. All our thermal material can be kiss cut into various standard and custom configurations.

Please see the materials listed under each type of Tek-Sil® product for material specific standard configurations.

Swiss Screw Machining

Swiss screw machining (CNC Lathe) capabilities adds to our manufacturing offering to allow for standard and customized products in metals and plastics. Specifically specializing in small diameter contacts, pins and other mechanical products for the electronic and aerospace industries.

Plastic Injection Molding

In order to enhance and broaden the scope of our manufacturing processes, we have incorporated plastic injection molding capabilities into our operations. With a standard line of card guides, ejectors, and PCB products the injection molding product line is ever expanding. Global Supply LLC is available for new product design and manufacturing of existing products, thus diversifying our production techniques and improving efficiency.

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